“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”


Oswal Consultants (A Business Consulting and an Executive Search Firm), Founded by Mr. Adesh Oswal has a dual purpose of helping businesses grow more profitable and to help Employers find suitable candidates for particular positions in their respective firms. Due to various experts in our team we take projects in every field and we execute them to the best needs of our clients. With this venture we aim to solve the problem of wrong hires at firms as we connect them to the right candidates with the help of a large database and we also help firms prioritizing the things which matter. We help businesses stay up to date with the current market scenarios with the help of our always ongoing market analysis and usage of analytical tools.

Oswal Consultants is a sister concern company of the famous Oswal Industries that is present in certain industries like hosiery, textile, hospitality, education, beauty, real estate, etc. We have had a wide portfolio of clients in our first 2 years of foundation.